Our Manifesto

Radiaction is an anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist feminist French, direct action group for climate justice using civil disobedience as a tool to achieve real victories and secure a just world freed of nuclear energy, fossil energy and intensive agriculture.

We are seeing climate change, the sixth mass extinction and widespread pollution. The productivist and colonial economy is based on the oppression of populations and the exploitation of resources, whether they are metals or fossil and nuclear energies. The capitalist system leads to the systematic destruction of ecosystems. Some are more responsible than others for this state of affairs. We are not fighting “against global warming”, we are fighting against actors: ecocides, the banks that finance them, the States that turn a blind eye, endorse and support them.

Likewise, we do not suffer the same consequences according to our social and geographical situation. We demand climate and social justice, especially for refugees.
Capitalism has ecological and social impacts, we are careful not to attack one to the detriment of the other.

We are anti-racist, feminist and anti-fascist and we show our solidarity with these struggles. Whatever they are, the different forms of oppression fall under the same dynamic. Our goal is to build a world where oppression, in all its forms, has no place. This is what we strive to achieve in the internal workings of the group, in order to create spaces of emancipation.

We are a radical ecologist movement that is anti-capitalist and antinuclear. Atomic energy is not a solution.

We strive towards a balance of power to achieve real victories. That’s why we practice disobedience. We do not wish in any way to harm the living, human or non-human.
We are an organisation that wants to be non-hierarchical and self-organised. Our roles are thought to be revocable and interchangable.

Our modes of action

Our group aims to carry out mass actions of civil disobedience.

Autonomy: Our actions are horizontal, our activists are autonomous. The transparency and inclusivity of the process allows all those who wish to contribute to the development of the actions. The structuring in buddy pairs and affinity groups allows for decentralised actions Each affinity group is a decision-maker, taking into account the consensus of a possible action.

Care and inclusion: Everyone sets their own limits for more inclusivity and diversity, against a virile race for radicalism: no blockades without cooking. We make every effort to facilitate access to the activities (meetings and actions) of people wishing to join the group, including those exposed to specific legal risks. We take care of one another, especially through affinity groups and buddy pairs. Dedicated structures, such as the medic team, the bee team (definition to come) and the awareness team watch over the physical and psychological well-being of all participants. In this perspective, we share our experiences, feelings and wishes, being aware of our differences.

Artivism: “If I can not dance, I do not want to be part of your revolution” (Emma Goldman). Our actions are not mere “means of struggle” for a better society, they embody the change that we wish to make happen: the festive dimension is an integral part of our militant culture. It is by celebrating life that we defend it: all forms of artistic expression are legitimate and welcome. Together, we weave new stories and renew our imaginations.

Our relations with the outside world: The legal team, the solidarity fund and anti-repression work in general aim to ensure the safety of the participants in the actions. We advocate a de-escalation of violence through an action consensus established in advance , a place is given to mediation internally (by facilitators) and externally ( through intermediaries with police and other bodies). We produce our own media content; we develop media campaigns and direct journalists to our press group.
In order to bring about closer ties to other struggles, collaborations with other groups are decided according to common objectives while respecting the values ​​and the consensus of the group.

Learning: Our group is a place of training, learning and empowerment of all its members. We are aware that we are not perfect. Feedback (emotional and strategic) is part of a self-critical activist culture.