We’re not going to hide it, we need radishes*. Not by much, but still … What for? To set up a camp and throw glitter on EDF et Cie, of course!

To remain independent, we hope to raise all we need with donations, benefits, people that lend or donate materials and by giving all our time voluntarily! If you are able to support the campaign or to fund your participation, any amount will be warmly appreciated. You can do it once or regularly, as we aim to do a long-term work.

If you want to become a radi, join one of the working groups or just ask questions:

If you have materials, infrastructure and tools and you think they might interest us:

If you want to contribute in another way, you can see with us how to give money, write to :

See you soon, under a radiant sky!


*Radishes also means money in french.